Overview of services


Consultation on experimental design


Sample preparation


  • Extraction of proteins from tissue, cell lysates, body fluids, IP-ed proteins, …
  • Protein digestion (various proteases), also for top-down and middle-down protein analysis
  • Complete workflow for PTM enrichment

Mass spectrometry


  • Orbitrap (Lumos Tribrid, Fusion Tribrid, Q Exactive Plus, XL ETD)
  • (Q-ToF)

all in nanoflow LC configuration – see Equipment for details

Protein analysis


  • Protein identification
  • Characterization of post-translational modifications
  • Quantitative proteomics: LFQ, SILAC, TMT, 18O
  • Targeted proteomics: MRM, PRM
  • Data independent acquisition (DIA)

Data analysis and bioinformatics


  • Software packages: Proteome Discoverer (Thermo), Mascot (MatrixScience), MaxQuant/Perseus (Cox/Mann lab), R, customized software

Data interpretation & sharing


  • Description of proteomics workflow for Methods & Materials section
  • Raw data deposition (if required)



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