Researchers from within Erasmus MC and from other academic institutions can make use of the expertise and services provided by the Proteomics Center. Services and projects undertaken will always be on a collaborative basis, which are expected to result in co-authorship. Charges include only a minor part of the reagent, as most of the cost is covered by Erasmus MC. The Proteomics Center realizes no profit.

Pilot experiments and consultation regarding study design, data interpretation and publication / public access are provided at no cost. Contact Jeroen Demmers for further information and to make an appointment for an intake meeting. Researchers from industry can also make use of the services provided by the Center. Contact us for pricing information and sample requirements.

The 2023 fee schedule  can be downloaded here.

Please include all Proteomics Center staff members involved in the proteomics analyses in your publication with the affiliation:

Proteomics Center
Erasmus University Medical Center
The Netherlands


How to deliver your samples?

You can directly deliver your samples at the Proteomics Center in room Ee-679A or lab Ee-626 in the Ee building on the 6th floor. See the contact information for details on how to get there. Before delivering the samples, please fill out the sample submission form.